One Day in the Life of a Local Church in Lomonosov

Today I want to tell you about my visit to one local church where we have special worship, hosting our churches on the last Sunday of August – the eve of the beginning of our new learning year. This church is located on the coast of Finnish Gulf within the little city of Lomonosov. This church is one of four churches that takes part in our project concerning children and youth. This is the only church of the four that has a House of Prayer and, therefore, is the base for the majority of our joint activities.

Our regional association has 43 churches, but only 16 of them have homes of prayer. The building in Lomonosov is considered big between houses of Russian communities. My sermon for the service came from John 8:12 and Matthew 5:14-16. Chorus groups praised the Lord, and children also took par – making short scenes and singing psalms. Near the end of the service, brothers blessed the children and youth for the new learning year. We also prayed for all teachers, parents and schools.

The church gives brotherly greetings and thanks for your prayers and support of our ministry. Brothers from Kentucky visited the church in 2010 and earlier. We ask that you remember us and our ministry in your daily prayers, as well as with your church, for a spiritual awakening in the nations of the world.

With Christ’s love and God’s blessing to you, your families and ministries, sincerely,

Nicolai Syrovatko